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Several keel paving methods of WPC Decking


  As a new type of polymer composite material, WPC Decking has appeared more and more around us. Its products have been recognized by the majority of users for their excellent anti-corrosion, anti-mildew and anti-aging properties, as well as non-fading and non-deformation properties. Install WPC Decking, keel is indispensable key accessories; So, how do we pave the keel?

  When installing keel, the distance between keel depends on the thickness of plastic wood floor commonly and decide; When the thickness of plastic wood floor is less than 25mm, the spacing between keels can not exceed 250mm, the maximum spacing between keels can not exceed 400mm.

Several keel paving methods of WPC Decking

  Usually, when we install the keel, we will encounter the following ground conditions:

  1, the ground has concrete foundation; The concrete leveling is done, and the concrete thickness is not less than 8mm; Then, we can use plastic expansion plugs directly to secure the plastic wooden keel to the concrete floor.

  2. If the ground is pure soil and the floor installation surface needs to be raised, we can first excavate the foundation pit with embedded concrete and galvanized pipe column on the ground. In general, the diameter and depth of the foundation pit shall not be less than 300mm, the galvanized pipe specification for the column shall not be less than 60*60mm, and the wall thickness of the pipe shall not be less than 2mm. The span between column and column is controlled within 1800mm; After the column is embedded, weld galvanized keel on the column. It is recommended that the size be more than 40 x 60mm.

  3, in the pond lake or park landscape ecological agricultural crops to install hanging walking path plank, need to take care of the flowers and plants, or lake water can not be large area drainage pouring concrete, can use galvanized screw directly screwed into the underground, and then welded galvanized keel on the screw. Hot-dip galvanized square pipe is recommended to avoid corrosion if it is installed in lakes and ponds or if the ambient air humidity is high.

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