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Macrotech Composite Decking installation method


  Macrotech Composite Decking material prepared for installation:

  Common woodworking tools, drills, screwdrivers, expansion screws, Composite decking, outdoor wood-plastic floor fasteners, etc.

  Note point: undertake computation to installation spot, undertake cutting to material, the bibulous rate of wood plastic material is about 0.2%, expandable rate is about 0.5%, when installing this floor so, between each floor should stay the gap of about 0.6-1mm, serve as the heat that the material may produce later bilges cold shrink with.

Macrotech Composite Decking installation method

  Composite Decking installation procedure:

  1, first of all, to fix the wooden keel, the wooden keel are paved on the smooth cement ground, generally the distance between each keel is 30-40mm.

  2, then use an electric drill to drill holes on the keel and install screws to fix it on the cement floor. Pay attention to the screw head to all screw into the keel, otherwise it will lead to uneven floor surface.

  3, fixed floor, each floor on the left and right sides of the Yin and Yang groove, with tools will be the first floor of the side of the Yang groove part of the ground off, and then use electric drill brick hole installation screws fixed on the keel;

  4, the second board of the Yang slot position card of the first board of the Yin slot, and then in the second board of the Yin slot electric brick hole screw, in order to back.

  5. The tightness of screws during installation is controlled by individuals. It is recommended that more than two persons install screws.

  Hope the above introduction can help you, if you have this aspect of procurement needs, Macrotech will be your only choice. We will provide you with professional use and installation advice, so that each piece of product to play the greatest advantage; To provide you with "lifelong" quality assurance services, only for each piece of quality work; Trade-in service, one to three; Each plate is in line with the national environmental standards, let the family rest assured, people rest assured.

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