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What are the advantages of Macrotech Terrace Outdoor Decking in landscape architecture?


  We know that Terrace outdoor Decking can be used in indoor and outdoor decoration. Terrace outdoor decking and wood-plastic guardrail are widely used by landscape designers in parks, villa communities, ports, artificial lakes and other places, and are gradually replacing traditional wood. Not only does Terrace Outdoor Decking feature ordinary wood that can be sawed, drilled and nailed, but it also features anti-corrosion wood that is waterproof and anti-corrosion. Here is a simple analysis of the advantages of Macrotech Terrace outdoor decking in landscape architecture.

  1. Cost saving: Wood-plastic is a kind of profile. Terrace Outdoor Decking has many hollow specifications. We know aluminium alloy door window can popularize so quickly, because it is hollow profile namely, if be solid, so price is inconceivably tall. Terrace Outdoor Decking hollow the reduced part, although not as high as the aluminum alloy, but also relatively objective. We all know that hollow can reduce weight and increase strength. Terrace Outdoor Decking can do hollow, but wood can't.

What are the advantages of Macrotech Terrace Outdoor Decking in landscape architecture?

  2. Long service life: The service life of Terrace Outdoor decking can reach 3-4 times that of ordinary wood. Foreign data show that wood plastic can be used for 30-50 years.

  3. Maintenance-free: Terrace Outdoor Decking does not need to be painted, while general wood needs to be painted or waterborne; Wood generally needs to be maintained or painted within a year. In the long run, terrace Outdoor Decking's maintenance cost is far lower than wood products, and terrace Outdoor Decking can even be maintenance-free.

  As one of the large-scale wood and plastic product research and development manufacturers in North China, Macrotech has been adhering to the product concept of "focusing on quality and being consistent" along the way to ensure the high stability of product quality and achieve "consistency from the first board to the last board". It is your first choice for purchasing.

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