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What should I pay attention to when installing WPC Decking?


  Macrotech outdoor wood-plastic floors typically last 15 years or longer, about four times longer than traditional wood floors. However, not all WPC Decking can be used for such a long time, mainly due to the installation process. Proper installation techniques will ensure the quality of WPC Decking. Macrotech WPC Decking installation: What should you pay attention to during installation?

  First, the user should select the style, shape and color of Macrotech WPC Decking in advance, and select the corresponding keel according to the style of WPC Decking. Prepare the installation accessories required by WPC Decking in advance, including buckles, screws, electric drills, etc., and determine whether to choose stainless steel or plastic buckles according to the actual installation requirements.


  Moreover, in the installation process, due to the relatively high brittleness of WPC Decking and the high density of the floor, it is necessary to drill the hole with electric drill in advance and then fix it with screws in order to avoid the damage to the floor in the process of fixing. For the keel fixed requirements to check in advance whether the ground is smooth, each keel fixed between the distance between 300mm to 400mm. If the installation area of WPC Decking is relatively large, the drawings should be designed in advance. Leave a space between each WPC Decking installation for later cleaning.

  After the initial macrotech WPC Decking installation is complete, edge sealing will be performed as required. In general, the height of the keel should be considered comprehensively, and screws should be used for edge sealing.

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