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Cleaning tips for Macrotech Composite Decking


  With the national attention to environmental protection and the continuous reduction of forest resources, the emergence of Macrotech wood plastic products can be said to solve the urgent problem. Macrotech Composite Decking is a new environmentally friendly floor made of plastic and wood fiber composite material, which can be said to have the performance of both, but also lasts longer. However, there will inevitably be some bumps and dust in daily use, so how to maintain the cleanliness of Macrotech Composite Decking? Next, macrotech professionals will give you a brief introduction.

  1. As there are obvious dirt and scratches on the Composite Decking, since ordinary mops cannot remove stains well, we can first use soap, hot water and a brush with stiff hairs to remove all the dirt, and then wipe the marks on the composite Decking with alcohol.


  Of course, we can use detergent with decontamination effect. If there is dirt on the floor, it is necessary to use detergent to remove oil and then use hot water to flush again. If the Composite Decking has chalk marks, we can treat it with hot soapy water and bleach.

  2. If there are some special stains on composite decking, special stain removal oil can be directly used to clean it. When cleaning a composite decking, do not use sandpaper, a grinder, or hard metal tools to clean the composite decking. When cleaning, the composite decking should be cleaned with a cloth dipped in the rice washing water, and then sprayed evenly on the wood floor. After 5 to 10 minutes, the composite decking should be cleaned with a dry cloth, and the composite decking will become much cleaner.

  The above is the introduction of composite Decking cleaning techniques by macrotech professionals. I hope it can help you. If you have any purchase needs in this respect, please feel free to contact us.

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