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Outdoor Decking is applied in park wetlands


  We can see outdoor decking installation and application in many places. WPC has many advantages. For example, WPC is not easy to decay and deformation after use, so it can keep its original state for a long time. These are the application advantages that cannot be achieved by traditional boards, so now the use of wood plastic boards in the place is gradually increasing.

  In order to achieve a good ecological leisure effect in wetland parks, people often use wood plastic products to lay the trestle, ground and water, which will waste wood resources and damage the environment. The use of wood and plastic materials can alleviate the contradiction between urban residents' demands for leisure life and environmental protection, so outdoor decking products are increasingly applied in wetland park scenic spots.


  Outdoor Decking combines the dual advantages of wood and plastic in terms of performance. The appearance of wood texture is realistic and the material stability is excellent. Hot summer and cold winter, all kinds of natural climate outdoor decking can easily cope with, the appearance has always been warm and moist, is a rare outdoor decoration material. .

  Macrotech was founded in 2016, specializing in the production and construction of injection wood products, is a professional plastic wood company integrating research and development, production and sales. Its products cover: plastic wood co-extrusion floor, plastic wood profiles, plastic wood landscape and plastic wood DIY four series of products, and has 27 independent production lines, with annual output of 20000 tons of production capacity. At the same time, Macrotech has the comprehensive strength of production and project undertaking, and can undertake various large-scale projects of comprehensive development and comprehensive deployment and installation. With excellent products and services, we have truly won the market and now serve customers in more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

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