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Waterproof wood Decking is a new wood - plastic product


  Waterproof  wood decking is a new environmentally friendly wood/plastic composite product. Wood powder produced in the production of medium and high density fiberboard is made into wood/plastic composite material by adding recycled plastic through granulation equipment, and then made into wood/plastic floor through extrusion.

  Waterproof wood Decking is made of waterproof plastic and wood, making it an excellent and durable outdoor building material. It can also replace wooden components used in ports and docks, and can also be used to replace wood to make various packaging, pallets, warehouse pads and so on. It is very widely used.

Waterproof wood Decking is a new wood - plastic product

  waterproof  wood decking, no doubt, now many outdoor public places, such as parks, scenic spots and so on, more and more anti-corrosion wood materials are replaced by wood plastic profiles, so that we can see the advantages of wood plastic is recognized, wood plastic profiles waterproof, moisture-proof. It fundamentally solves the problem that wooden floor is easy to rot and expand and deform after absorbing water in damp and watery environment. It can be used in environments where traditional wooden products cannot be applied, such as outdoor platforms such as gardens and villas.

  Secondly, insect prevention, termite prevention, can effectively put an end to insect harassment, prolong service life. Waterproof wood Decking is simple and convenient to install, and saves installation time and cost. Waterproof wood decking, no cracking, expansion, deformation, no maintenance and maintenance, easy to clean, save repair and maintenance costs.

  Macrotechwpc.com continues to expand the application field of the product, so that the product is more suitable for the market demand, more to meet multi-dimensional use scenarios. Let more green environmental protection innovation products into every aspect of life. If you have this aspect of procurement needs, you are welcome to macrotechwpc to buy.

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