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How will WPC Flooring avoid cracks


  Macrotech WPC Flooring has been used more and more, but nothing will ever be perfect, and WPC Flooring still has some flaws in its application if not maintained properly. If cracks occur during the use of WPC Flooring, it will greatly affect the beauty and quality of the plastic wood. Now macrotech will tell you how to avoid cracks in WPC Flooring.

  To avoid cracks due to WPC Flooring settlement, the following important actions can be taken:

  1. After WPC Flooring completes the installation, prevent strong wind blowing and sun exposure before water separation occurs;

  2. WPC Flooring shall be maintained in time after completion to prevent moisture evaporation and drying on the cement imitation wood surface;

How will WPC Flooring avoid cracks

  3, before coating cement plastic wood mortar, should be the structure of the base wet; The secondary plaster is used to reduce the surface shrinkage cracks and avoid the construction in high temperature climate. Because in high temperature weather, cement hydration is accelerated, internal hydration heat is not easy to spread out in time, resulting in temperature cracks, at the same time because of water evaporation is accelerated, so that cement plastic wood mortar quickly dry and shrink, easy to produce shrinkage cracks.

  This is how WPC Flooring will avoid cracks. As one of the largest wood-plastic product manufacturers in North China, Macrotech has been adhering to the product concept of "Focus on quality, always be consistent" to ensure a high degree of stability of product quality. Do - "be consistent from the first board to the last board".

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