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Will Macrotech Outdoor WPC Flooring deform from high temperature?


  Those who have some knowledge of Macrotech outdoor WPC Flooring know that it has many advantages. Unlike other wood floors, it is waterproof and mildew-proof. Therefore, outdoor WPC Flooring has always been popular among people. But after all, what is not perfect, outdoor plastic wood floor has a problem or worth our discussion, that is, in high temperature deformation? Below, Macrotech xiaobian for you to remove doubts.

  Entering the midsummer, the sky in the scorching sun, heat unbearable. Especially after rain, the most common problem with outdoor WPC Flooring is expansion and contraction.


  The phenomenon that heat bilges cold shrink is common, when plastic wood material is used as the use such as the floor, appropriate gap did not leave between side, head head head, two ends just cause slightly warps. And then there's the problem with the flooring. The outdoor WPC Flooring will expand and shrink, so the flooring should be done according to the environment at the time. Too loose or too tight will make the floor tip easily.

  It is not laid moisture-proof segregation film again, floor moisture absorption is easy to be out of shape, or did not meet the national quality inspection requirements -- jerry-built, or production technology is not mature, it is generally manufacturers jerry-built is ginseng wood powder, bamboo powder more cause the floor mildew. Generally speaking, the technology of manufacturers is not up to standard. That is to say, the quality is excellent and the construction technology is mature, there will be no high temperature deformation.

  Macrotech focuses on four series of wood-plastic co-extrusion floor, wood-plastic profile, wood-plastic landscape and wood-plastic DIY products. It is a professional wood-plastic company integrating research and development, production and sales. Has 27 independent production lines, the annual output of 20,000 tons, can carry all kinds of large projects. The company adheres to the product concept of "focus on quality, always", and only makes high-quality wood-plastic products, and realizes continuous and stable supply -- from the first board to the last board. Macrotech wood is your best choice if you have this requirement.

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