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What are the crack prevention measures of wood plastic guardrail?


  We often encounter cracks in the use of wood-plastic guardrail, which will affect the appearance and quality of wood-plastic. Many friends are thinking, what kind of measures can solve this problem?

  There are many reasons for cracks in wood-plastic guardrail, which can be generally divided into two processes before and after wood-plastic hardening. Before hardening, wood-plastic mortar is still in a plastic state, due to the density of various components of the material is different and subsidence, resulting in internal water precipitation, resulting in subsidence shrinkage crack, which generally occurs at the time of plaster layer. But when the cement imitation wood surface layer is made on the dry base, because the moisture is quickly absorbed by the base, the wood-plastic material will shrink greatly and produce wide and deep cracks.


  What are the crack prevention measures of wood plastic guardrail?

  In order to avoid cracks caused by settlement of wood-plastic guardrail, we can take the following important measures:

  1. After the completion of the wood-plastic material, it should be prevented from strong wind blowing and hot sun exposure before water precipitation occurs;

  2, wood plastic in the completion of timely maintenance, to prevent cement imitation wood surface moisture evaporation and drying;

  3. Before applying cement wood-plastic mortar, the base of the structure should be watered;

  4, the use of secondary face, in order to reduce the surface shrinkage crack;

  5, avoid high temperature climate construction. In high temperature weather, cement hydration accelerated, internal hydration heat is not easy to disperse in time, resulting in temperature cracks, at the same time because of water evaporation accelerated, so that cement wood plastic mortar rapid drying and shrinkage, easy to produce shrinkage cracks.

  The above is about the related content of the wood-plastic guardrail crack prevention measures. If you have the purchase need in this respect, you can call us at any time for consultation. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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