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The factors that determine the price of outdoor wood - plastic flooring


  Whether you are walking in a secluded garden or on a forest path, you will find outdoor wood plastic flooring in many places. You may not know it is outdoor wood plastic flooring, you may wonder what kind of material it is, and you may even wonder if it will rot and break.

  Macrotech wood plastic material has a special performance, thus greatly improve the service life of the product, in addition to retaining the traditional mildew, moth and other physical properties of the advantages, but also has a stronger wear resistance, stain resistance, scratch resistance and weather resistance, suitable for outdoor landscape.

  Many customers will be very concerned about the price of outdoor wood plastic floor, in fact, as far as the current situation is concerned, although the price of wood plastic is slightly higher than ordinary wood, but careful analysis down, you will find that the cost performance of wood plastic is higher than ordinary wood, as for the reason, the professional staff of Hong Wood will be announced for everyone.

The factors that determine the price of outdoor wood - plastic flooring

  Macrotech wood plastic is a profile, according to customer needs, can produce the required length of the material. In the same case, wood plastic can be less than more, for example, the general pavement outdoor flooring, the selection of wood, need about 45MM thickness of wood. And wood plastic, only need 25MM thickness of the material, its strength is more than 45MM of anticorrosive wood. Say in a word, if use lumber namely, be 1 stere, so wood model needs 0.5 stere or so only, because this wood is plastic the loss is zero almost. And wood plastic does not need to be painted, and the maintenance cost is very low. It can be seen that the advantages of wood plastic is very obvious.

  Hebei Hongzhimu Environmental Protection Flooring specializes in the research and development, production and sales of plastic wood products. The company has strong economic strength, with 20 independent production lines and an annual output of 15,000 tons, with a stable and timely supply capacity. The company attaches great importance to innovation, has an excellent professional research and development team, focusing on strict quality control and thoughtful service. If you have any purchase needs in this field, please feel free to contact us.

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