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A new type of building material-deep embossing composite decking


  As a new type of building material, the emergence of deep embossing composite decking satisfies the needs of customers very well, but there are still many people who do not know what kind of material it is and what are its advantages.

  deep embossing composite decking is a new type of composite floor obtained by combining wood phenol and recycled plastic through multiple processes. Compared with the traditional floor in the past, it has the advantage of affordable price.

  In addition, the traditional floor color is relatively single, but plastic wood flooring breaks this routine very well, and the produced building materials are rich in color and have good plasticity, and personalized patterns can be customized according to the actual needs of customers. and styling. Compared with wooden floors, deep embossing composite decking is waterproof and moisture-proof. Even if it is used in a humid environment like the south, there is no need to worry about rot or moisture.

A new type of building material-deep embossing composite decking

  The deep embossing composite decking has good performance and effectively prolongs the service life of the floor. Although it is a composite material, deep embossing composite decking does not contain benzene, the content of formaldehyde is also lower than the safety standard, and it can be recycled. It can be said to be an environmentally friendly composite material. Although it contains recycled plastic components, once it encounters a fire, the fire protection level is also very high, and no harmful gas will be produced.

  Finally, in terms of installation, deep embossing composite decking is simpler to install than other types of flooring and does not require particularly complicated installation techniques, so even the installation cost is greatly reduced. As a new type of composite building material, it can be seen that this product is excellent in terms of safety and diversity. No wonder there are more and more places or individuals choosing this building material.

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