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waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking will conquer the future market


  Waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking is a new type of technological product. It meets people's requirements for resource reuse and health and environmental protection. Within 10 years, it will replace the widely popular solid wood panels and become the new master of fashionable furniture decoration.

  Waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking, also known as wood-plastic composite decking, is a high-quality wood-plastic composite deck that is mainly made of wood powder and recyclable plastic plus harmless additives, mixed evenly and then heated and extruded by mold equipment. Technological green environmental protection material, which has the performance and characteristics of wood and plastic, is a new type of environmentally friendly high-tech material that can replace wood and plastic.

waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking will conquer the future market

  As people pay more and more attention to environmental resources, the circular economy development model centered on the recycling of waste materials and the comprehensive utilization of resources has become the trend of world economic development. Vigorously developing resource recycling technologies will have a profound impact on national economic development and sustainable environmental development. The plastic-wood composite material products produced by using waste plastics and wood fibers are new building materials products that conform to the world's energy-saving and environmental protection trends.

  Experts in the industry believe that wood-plastic composite board is a new type of detection material, which is in line with people's purpose of pursuing a circular economy and advocating low-carbon and environmental protection. Wood-plastic composite panels have both the water-resistant and anti-corrosion properties of plastics and the texture of wood. They can be used in garden landscapes, interior and exterior wall decorations, floors, guardrails, flower ponds, gazebos, and other places. The service life of wood-plastic composite boards is several times that of ordinary wood, and the color can also be adjusted according to the formula.

  Compared with traditional wood, the advantage of waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking is that it contributes greatly to the environment, and it is resistant to acid rain, seawater corrosion, insects, and rats, so its service life is 3 to 10 times that of ordinary wood.

  Macrotech adheres to the product concept of "focusing on quality and consistency", and only makes high-quality plastic wood products, which has truly realized large-scale, high-quality, and stable continuous supply—let macrotech quality, from the first board to the last board Always the same.

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