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The application scenarios of wpc plastic composite flooring are very wide


  The rise of wpc plastic composite flooring originated from melamine boards, which are collectively called paint-free boards in the industry, also called ecological boards. However, it breaks through the shortcomings of the previous melamine boards, which are based on MDF and particle boards, such as high free formaldehyde, easy foaming, delamination, edge bursting, poor moisture resistance, and poor nail holding power. Scratches and harmful odors to the human body.

  The raw material of wpc plastic composite flooring is generally multi-layer solid wood, which is a green environmental protection material with a smooth appearance, beautiful surface, and elegant color; paint-free, non-toxic, moisture-proof, flame-retardant, and non-volatile odor; good surface hardness, durable Shock, sound insulation, shock resistance, no shrinkage, no cracking, good durability, and can be shaped into curves.

The application scenarios of wpc plastic composite flooring are very wide

  In addition, the structure of wpc plastic composite flooring is very stable, and the surface texture of the board is clear and natural. Nowadays, ecological panels have gradually become the panels that major furniture factories are vying to use. The furniture made of ecological panels has a variety of interior decoration styles, feels very comfortable and smooth, and is not easy to deform. It is very convenient and fast to clean.

  WPC plastic composite flooring is mainly applicable to the decoration and thermal insulation decoration of the exterior walls of buildings including high-end residences, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, and public facilities, as well as garden landscapes, urban furniture, plank roads, and road paving, etc. . The quality of Lingli ecological board is quite good, and the price is relatively reasonable.

  Therefore, wpc plastic composite flooring is widely used in home decoration. It can be used for decoration or made into furniture. It is a very good home decoration building material.

  As one of the largest R&D manufacturers of plastic wood products in North China, macrotech has always adhered to the product concept of "focus on quality and consistency" to ensure high stability of product quality, and to achieve - "From the first board to The last board is always the same".

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