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What is the market situation of Co-extrusion wood plastic composite fencing?


  Co-extrusion wood plastic composite fencing is widely used now, but the sales market is fiercely competitive, and the price competition is very fierce. Although some manufacturers have a lot of order information, they still make little profit. Under this environment, many manufacturers have developed more beautiful products. Generous Co-extrusion wood plastic composite fencing to meet the needs of the public and improve competitiveness.

  With the development of the Co-extrusion wood plastic composite fencing industry, there are now many plastic wood manufacturers, and their prices have been reduced one after another. With the gradual improvement and standardization of wood plastic technology, as well as wood-plastic equipment, mold shells, and leather, With the continuous improvement of post-processing equipment and other dealer technologies, the competition in the Co-extrusion wood plastic composite fencing industry is becoming more and more fierce. Manufacturers are also reducing costs to enhance their competitiveness and gain higher market share, and some have even started price competition, and there are two main factors that support the maintenance of price competition.


  One is to keep the product quality unchanged, reduce their own gross profit and even rely on their own strong capital strength to advance the market, and seek to obtain more market customers and order information in a short period of time, industrialization effect and Its efficiency is increased, and the production process is improved, which in turn promotes the reduction of costs and the increase of gross profit.

  The second is to keep the gross profit of the product unchanged, because the reduction of the market price will reduce the cost of the product itself, such as moving to a more remote area to save rent and labor costs, reduce the production process, reduce the cost of raw materials, and reduce the cost of aluminum alloys. The cost of the post-processing process of the profile, the efficiency of the aluminum profile, etc., but these measures are always related to the reduction of quality. If a slight adjustment is not good, the product quality will be seriously reduced, and become a fake product.

  In this kind of product field with sufficient market demand, each product will go through a similar time period, that is, few people understand its manufacturing process at the beginning, and the price ratio of this link will be higher than the planned cost. The more people flood in, this stage is broken, and gradually enters the stage of the normal product price and gross profit. This stage should be the rapid growth period of the market. Because of the increase in gross profit, the long-term development trend of manufacturers is better, and the product quality is also better. Guaranteed.

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