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Are there any environmental requirements forCo-extrusion wood plastic composite fencing?


  Everyone knows about Co-extrusion wood plastic composite fencing. Because of its characteristics and environmental protection, it has always been the darling of the panel industry, because of its beautiful surface, convenient construction, ecological environmental protection, and scratch resistance. It has been favored by consumers. Favor recognition and furniture made of ecological boards are also very popular in the market. Let's take a look at the environmental requirements of wood plastic composite wpc decking.

Are there any environmental requirements forCo-extrusion wood plastic composite fencing?

  Co-extrusion wood plastic composite fencingis one of many boards. Because ecological boards are made of wood, and wood is forbidden to be stored in dark and humid places, the same is true for wood plastic composite wpc decking. IfCo-extrusion wood plastic composite fencing is stored in a dark and humid place, moisture will penetrate into the wood, which will cause mildew on the ecological board for a long time. And it is also not allowed to place the ecological board under direct sunlight for a long time, or in an environment that is too dry, which will cause excessive water loss, which will lead to cracking of the board.

  Adhering to the core concept can maintain real rapid development. macrotech adheres to the environmental protection concept of "quality life, green future", always shoulders the sense of mission of the responsible corporate citizen, and focuses on the research and development, and production of green environmental protection products.

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