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deep embossing composite decking surface pattern processing technology


  According to the needs of consumers, the manufacturer can process deep embossing composite decking into products with different patterns, so that it can correspond to different styles of interior in furniture production. Let's get to know it together!

  The pattern of the product is generally made of decorative paper, which is mainly made of paper with different textures and colors, which is pressed on the surface of the substrate by hot pressing or cold pressing, and then passed through the wood grain. Stencil pressing to achieve a finished product, such as soft light, relief, and other styles are basically processed by this process. With the continuous development of the current technology, the production process of the pattern can already imitate most wood grains, and the decorative effect has also been improved to a certain extent, making it look more natural, plus the moisture-proof and waterproof properties of the product. Features can make it a wider range of applications.

deep embossing composite decking surface pattern processing technology

  Although deep embossing composite decking has excellent performance, because of the wide variety of products in the market, there are also differences in quality. When purchasing a product, you can scratch the four corners of the product to test the hardness of the lower surface to ensure that you can buy it. Product of the right quality.

  Macrotech has independent research and development capabilities, and the advantages of material structure optimization and performance optimization have passed the testing and certification of authoritative testing agencies such as SGS and ISO9001. The products produced by macrotech are all made of green and environmentally friendly raw materials. After 15 strict quality inspections, the strength, density, water absorption, and waterproof and fireproof capabilities have all reached the international level. The distribution system has a total of more than 80 agency distribution agencies, strictly ensuring that each customer obtains a stable supply and service guarantee.

  Macrotech adheres to the product concept of "focusing on quality and consistency", and only makes high-quality plastic wood products, which has truly realized large-scale, high-quality, and stable continuous supply—let macrotech quality, from the first board to the last board Always the same.

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