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The development direction of deep embossing composite decking


  In many domestic cities, landscape design companies will use wood-plastic materials to replace the previous anti-corrosion wood, solid wood, etc. on the landscape, including using deep embossing composite decking to replace other outdoor floors. The development direction of deep embossing composite decking focuses on outdoor flooring.

  For consumers, deep embossing composite decking is a very good outdoor floor decoration product. For designers, wood-plastic flooring can well meet the new ideas of their garden design! Therefore, in the construction industry, in recent years deep embossing composite decking claim to fame.

The development direction of deep embossing composite decking

  As people pay more attention to environmental resources, it is the basic national policy of sustainable development. The recycling of resources is increasingly having a profound impact on cities. The application of deep embossing composite decking can be seen everywhere in the streets, parks, and squares of most cities in my country.

  Compared with the North American market, the Chinese market still has considerable growth potential for deep embossing composite decking. The expected output value will exceed 1 billion yuan, and a new wood-plastic composite product system will be formed, which will be used in garden landscapes, villa gardens and other engineering projects.

  For decoration companies, deep embossing composite decking is easy to install and can greatly save material costs, labor costs and construction period costs during construction. The advantage of the construction period can not only increase the winning rate of project voting, but also have the opportunity to undertake more other projects in advance, and win more benefits for the enterprise. There is no doubt that deep embossing composite decking, an alternative product, is the future of outdoor flooring.

  Deep embossing composite decking has been successfully applied to most key projects in the city, such as Central Park, Children's Park, Lianhuashan Park, etc. Deep embossing composite decking has been used in many places to replace traditional preservative wood. Building a first-tier city without forgetting green environmental protection is a characteristic.

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