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Why choose waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking for outdoor flooring?


  Forest resources have been destroyed wantonly, causing the cost of solid wood flooring to rise sharply. Under this social background, outdoor plastic wood is extruded with wood powder and PE polymer materials. It has both the natural texture of natural wood and More prominent advantages than natural wood: waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, deformation-proof, crack-proof, insect-proof, termite-proof, strong acid and alkali resistance, flame retardant, strong weather resistance, strong aging resistance, and free from dyeing And other special properties, its properties and uses are suitable for the public community. At the same time, it meets the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving and has a lot of room for development. Why choose waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking advantages for outdoor materials?

  1. The paint surface is wear-resistant and waterproof

  Waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking has a smooth surface, clear texture, and a strong three-dimensional effect. Moreover, the surface of the floor is wear-resistant, impact-resistant, does not peel off and has super adhesion. It also uses the original six-sided waterproof sealing technology, which almost cuts off the moisture exchange channel between the floor and the outside world. It is suitable for a variety of outdoor environments with different dry and humidity and is easier to care for and use.

Why choose waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking for outdoor flooring?

  2. The base material is stable, healthy, and environmentally friendly

  Waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking base material performance is super stable, with no cracking, and no deformation, and at the same time, it has environmental protection and health functions. The base material of waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking adopts a high-density board with one-time molding technology, and at the same time, a new type of fiber factor material is evenly infiltrated into the floor. On the one hand, this technology can balance the "internal stress" of each part of the floor, and solve traditional problems such as the floor being easy to shrink when dry and expand when wet, warping, and deformation. On the other hand, it reduces the activity of wood fiber molecules, curbs the volatilization and release of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, and isolates harmful substances in the board from the outside world, achieving the purpose of outdoor environmental protection.

  Why do consumers choose waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking for outdoor materials? The advantages determine that it will become the new favorite of outdoor materials in the future. To protect the environment, starting from me, ecological and environmentally friendly plastic wood materials will become the mainstream of the outdoor material market in the future.

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