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waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking


  In recent years, there are more and more co-extrusion products in the foreign market. Not only are the traditional high-end doors and Windows, handrails and fences used in co-extrusion, but also more and more co-extrusion materials are used in low-end floors, fences, exterior wall panels and templates. It can be said that co-extrusion materials have become the mainstream trend of wood-plastic products.

  waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking (Waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite Decking) is mainly used for landscape decoration materials, in addition to retaining the traditional plastic wood mildew proof, insect proof and other physical properties advantages, also has stronger wear resistance, scratch resistance, stain resistance and weather resistance, more beautiful and durable, waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking (Waterproof) Suitable for high-grade outdoor landscape engineering, building template, villa, courtyard floor and other fields.

waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking

  High-end plastic wood co-extrusion floor outdoor performance is better, after installation without considering the problem of daily cleaning and maintenance, increase the long-term sense of beauty and experience.

  waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking Waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking Regardless of color, pattern, texture can create a romantic architectural atmosphere according to the individual needs. The main principle of improving the durability of plastic wood is related to the type of wood material, the type of polymer added in the process of material preparation, and the mixing ratio of wood and plastic. For high-end waterproof outdoor wood plastic composite decking, structural durability is as important as aesthetic durability.

  In the past five years, macrotech has always been at the forefront of product development. Through continuous learning and accumulation, Macrotech has developed a road of innovation of its own

  Technological innovation: With 5 R&D patents, the products have reached industry pioneer standards in terms of tolerance and ductility. Heavy quality, more heavy texture.

  Production innovation: The introduction of the concept of green production and the all-green production line leads the environmental protection index of the whole series of products to exceed the national standard, and the production process truly realizes "zero" pollution.

  Design innovation: In September 2019, macrotech signed a strategic framework agreement with Italian designers, setting foot on the road of product design texture leap. The product has achieved a qualitative leap in texture performance and application environment.

  Market innovation: Constantly expand the application field of products, so that the products are more suitable for the market demand, more can meet the multi-dimensional use scenario. Greener and more innovative products into every aspect of life.

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