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What can Ultra shield wood plastic composite decking be used for?


  With the improvement of living standards, many owners now like to buy a house with a terrace, a sun room with bright interior, without affecting the lighting and a separate sitting area. The overall grade of home decoration instantly improved a lot. When building the sun room, is the ground paved with solid wood floor, tile or directly paved with Ultra shield wood plastic composite decking?

  Considering the sun room glass material long-term exposure to light, ordinary solid wood floor is not suitable for long-term exposure to the sun, the wood is easy to change color, drum cracking, not good maintenance.

  Ceramic tile has many kinds, high hardness, long service life, will not crack because of long exposure to the sun, and it is more convenient to clean, but in cold winter, wet days are easy to slip, families with children and the elderly should be careful to choose.

  Ultra shield wood plastic composite decking has the characteristics of insect and ant proof, fire retardant, waterproof and moisture-proof, long service life, light is not easy to change color, no cracking and so on.

  Ultra shield wood plastic composite decking Ultra Shield wood plastic Composite Decking is a new environmentally friendly plastic composite decking. Friends who often go to the park will see the ground of Ultra shield wood plastic composite decking, waterproof and moisture-proof effect is stronger than the ordinary wood floor, the service life is long, will not appear after absorbing water will be rotten deformation, or in the outdoor by insects. And the Ultra shield wood plastic composite decking is available in a variety of colors. This material, now many villa courtyard can also be seen. Contact with the sun will not crack, stepping on the feet feel comfortable, not like the floor tile in winter will give a cold feeling. Construction technology is also relatively simple, easier to manage, is the best choice under the fast pace of life.

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