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The customization of Ultra shield wood plastic composite decking will become a development trend


  With the development trend of the contemporary construction industry, the demand for new materials continues to promote, and a new type of outdoor raw materials for building exterior walls in the 21st century should emerge from time to time - wood-plastic materials. Wood-plastic material is also called wood-plastic board, wood-plastic composite raw material, commonly known as WPC in the field. The characteristics of the composite material of the plastic wood floor, anti-corrosion, moth protection, environmental protection, strong ductility, etc., have long been used in many fields of daily life, such as the outdoor plastic wood floor, plastic wood floor suspended plank road, plastic wood flower box, etc., which makes wood Plastic materials have developed rapidly in recent years. With the increasing pursuit of perfection in the appearance of daily life, the customization of Ultra shield wood plastic composite decking will become a development trend. According to the specific situational regulations and specific functional regulations of the floor, when planning the surface design scheme of the floor, the functional and artistic aesthetic modeling standards should be followed.

The customization of Ultra shield wood plastic composite decking will become a development trend

  The surface design scheme and architectural planning and design of the pursuit of the perfect plastic wood floor are generally more beautiful and easy to use.

  Function and artistic aesthetic modeling standard In product appearance design, the surface modeling design scheme of plastic wood floor is a modular design, commodity instantiation, production, and manufacturing standardization and the WPC floor has a large R & D interior space.

  Surface design with anti-slip performance.

  Most of the garden landscapes belong to outdoor public places with large passenger flow. The elements of the weathered outdoor environment have been testing the performance of pavement road construction materials. According to the regulations of surface modeling design, it is stipulated that the WPC floor has a certain degree of slip resistance and performance. In addition to the physical and chemical characteristics of the material itself, the performance of the floor should also lead to attention.

  In the surface product modeling design of the garden landscape plastic wood floor, the deformed shape of the inclined plane is selected, which can also improve the surface roughness of the floor surface, thereby improving the sliding friction between the floor and the floor. And then reach the goal of anti-skid. Surface shaping is beneficial for drainage and corrosion resistance. Although plastic wood furniture is waterproof, both can also form fatigue and stress relaxation under the direct influence of outdoor geography. This change will reduce the stiffness of the floor and increase the bending speed. Therefore, in the design plan of the surface appearance of the garden landscape plastic wood floor, the performance of the drainage pipe of the floor should be considered as much as possible to enhance its anti-corrosion performance. In actual manufacturing, the flat wood floor is immediately stabilized on the bracket when it is used outdoors, and the gap is pre-buried as a drain during installation; during the installation and use process, the snap-on wood floor should be arranged at the open button, stainless steel The sink is set up for easy disassembly and drainage. Appearance is beneficial to environmental protection, energy saving, and environmental protection requirements. With the development trend of the times, green environmental protection has become an indispensable manufacturing and living habit. In the formulation of the Ultra shield wood plastic composite decking surface design scheme, both aesthetics and electrical design need to become fashionable.

  In the modeling design, in addition to the hollow plastic wood floor, the floor can also be designed with a solid core curved bottom edge under the standard of ensuring proper load-carrying performance. Such a form can take into account the provisions of its load-bearing effect, which can not only alleviate the net weight of Ultra shield wood plastic composite decking itself, which is conducive to installation, but also save raw materials, reduce a lot of unnecessary consumption, and achieve the goal of green environmental protection.

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