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What is the difference between round-hole wood plastic composite flooring and square-hole floor?


  In the plastic wood wholesale market, we often see different types of plastic wood flooring, some are round hole wood plastic composite flooring, and some are square holes, what is the difference between the two?

  Why did everyone choose round-hole wood plastic composite flooring after the cost-effectiveness? It turns out that there is a reason. After comparing two different floors, many users finally choose the round-hole floor according to their actual situation.

What is the difference between round-hole wood plastic composite flooring and square-hole floor?

  The round hole wood plastic composite flooring is designed to allow the floor to evenly disperse the force when it is used to bear external force, making the structure more stable without deformation. When the square floor is load-bearing, more force will be distributed at both ends, so that the structure will bend and deform over time. After comparing the two, everyone will naturally choose round-hole wood plastic composite flooring.

  Design advantages of round hole wood plastic composite flooring. This material is specially designed. After the plastic wood and the protective layer are extruded into one piece, the surface will be evenly and firmly covered with the protective layer, in addition to retaining the advantages of traditional materials, such as insect and mildew resistance, etc. In addition to the characteristics, it also expands other advantages, such as wear resistance, scratch resistance, and anti-fouling properties, which are better, more beautiful, and more durable.

  Whether it is used in courtyards, corridors, or even outdoors and balconies, the effect is very good. You can directly contact Xinjiang plastic wood manufacturers, the current wood plastic composite flooring wholesale can be divided into the online deep embossed floor, light coffee floor, dark coffee floor, mahogany floor, teak floor, deep embossed wood grain floor, red sandalwood according to color. floor etc.

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