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What is the development direction of WPC flooring?


  There are more and more applications of WPC flooring, so for WPC flooring, what are its development directions, let's follow the editor of macrotech to find out!

  1. Marketization of R&D

  WPC flooring should not only explore the construction of an innovative technology system for wood-plastic composite materials, but more importantly, it should innovate the technology transfer mechanism. Relevant research institutions and colleges and departments should establish close ties with wood-plastic enterprises, especially key enterprises, based on contracts and economic interests, and make various new research results act on production and the market as soon as possible. It is necessary for R&D personnel and their R&D results to see results and obtain benefits in a shorter and more convenient time, so as to make plagiarism and intellectual property rights a dream.


  2. Universalization of raw materials

  At present, the scale of the industry is expanding, and the problem of raw materials has become a major bottleneck for the growth of the industry. At present, various process formulas are emerging in an endless stream, but most of them are just scratching the surface, which has little effect on improving production efficiency and product quality; the bigger obstacle is that the "hundred flowers blooming" of process formulas has brought great trouble to the specialization of wood-plastic equipment, so wood-plastic raw materials The generalization of process formula is imperative. They should cover the processing of various biomass fibers to the preparation of wood-plastic particles.

  3. Product differentiation

  As a synthetic product, wood-plastic composite materials have great extensibility and diversified development space. The global wood-plastic industry should go out of the single and narrow field of building materials. Chinese wood-plastic enterprises must solve the problem of wood-plastic decking as the main product. The passive situation is to seek their own development in a broader field.

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