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Why is wood plastic composite decking popular?


  Wood can bring people a warm and happy feeling, and can give people a sense of happiness at home, which is why architects are keen to use wood. Due to excessive logging and reclamation by human beings, the area of forests in the world is constantly decreasing. According to statistics, the forest area in the world is disappearing at a rate of 16 million hectares every year. The world loses 27 billion tons of soil every year, and 6 million hectares of land are desertified.

  The wood itself has various defects. It is easy to change color, rot, crack, and be infested by insects, and various defects and deformations will appear during processing. Therefore, in architectural design, people are more inclined to look for a new type of environmentally friendly material similar to wood, which can better meet the requirements of designers for differences and innovation while maintaining the texture of wood.

Why is wood plastic composite decking popular?

  Wood plastic composite decking has the advantages of resource utilization of raw materials, plasticization of products, environmental protection, regeneration, etc., and the ecological and environmental benefits are very significant. It is a veritable low-carbon environmental protection industry. Wood-plastic materials have the characteristics of energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection, low carbon, and sustainable development. Using one ton of wood-plastic materials can reduce CO2 emission by 12.6 tons. "Replacing wood with plastic" has become a new trend in the development of the global new material industry. The use of wood-plastic materials can not only protect natural forest resources but also satisfy consumers' demand for wood.

  macrotech has little damage to the earth in the process of raw material acquisition, product manufacturing, use or recycling, and raw material processing. Macrotech is based on wood powder surface grafting and coating treatment technology, polymer, and wood material interface compatibility modification, polyvinyl chloride high-efficiency environmental protection and stability system, with special functional modifiers to combine polyvinyl chloride and a large amount of wood powder. It is a PVC-based wood-plastic composite material modified by blending.

  According to the environmental requirements of outdoor products, macrotech uses professional weather-resistant formula technology to make it have good performance in outdoor rain and snow climate conditions, with excellent waterproof and anti-mildew performance, and can still be used without special care and maintenance. Good woody feel and color.

  Only by sticking to the core concept can we maintain real rapid development. Macrotech adheres to the environmental protection concept of "quality life, green future", always shoulders the sense of mission of the responsible corporate citizen, and focuses on the development and production of green products.

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