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wood plastic composite decking creates a house that "breathes"


  The supreme enjoyment of wood plastic composite decking is the wood plastic villa. The WPC villa may not be a novel concept, it has been widely seen in every city in Japan for a long time. Skyscrapers are rarely seen there, replaced by soft, fragrant, human Japanese wooden houses.

  A house made of wood and plastic, are you talking nonsense? This is the first feeling people have before. After all, the ideal of domestic WPC is still in the popularization stage, and no one is familiar with the enjoyment of WPC villas. It's possible that you are worried about the resistance of the log house. I always think that houses with reinforced concrete components are stable and safe. In fact, the resistance of WPC can be achieved by changing the ratio of wood raw materials and plastic materials. High-quality wooden houses can often be used for hundreds of years. Of course, it is better to use reinforced concrete to pursue high-rise buildings, but when it comes to home comfort, it is not a wooden house.

wood plastic composite decking creates a house that "breathes"

  The thermal insulation effect of wood plastic composite decking is 400 times that of steel and 16 times that of concrete. The thermal and sound insulation effect is also outstanding. Then, it is said that 6 hours of rest in a wooden house is equivalent to 8 hours of rest in a 'cement house', and the phytoncide and negative ions in the wooden house help people sleep deeply." In such a house, in the natural environment What a wonderful experience it would be to be in the arms, bathed in the sun, and breathe in the warm natural air.

  The popularity of wood plastic composite decking is still a long way off, but its potential is unlimited. In the transitional stage, WPC can well open the way for pure wooden houses. How much I want to spend a quiet and beautiful night in a pure wood plastic house.

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