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Process analysis of outdoor wpc decking installation


  Outdoor wpc decking is a composite environmental protection floor. It has good surface properties on the moisture-proof and waterproof layer. What should be paid attention to in the installation of outdoor wpc decking? To prevent negative impacts during construction, the installation of outdoor wpc decking focuses on two points:

  Before installing outdoor wpc decking: Professionally install outdoor wpc decking from a technical point of view. Before starting the installation work, make sure that the plastic wood floor is dry enough, clean and flat, and in good condition to ensure the final actual effect, and also allow the installation Work more smoothly; install gadgets in time and prepare in advance, often use hand drills and carpenter's gadgets, labor protection supplies, rubber gloves, and more stainless steel plate screws, outdoor wpc decking such as installation of hand drills is essential Fewer gadgets.

Process analysis of outdoor wpc decking installation

  Since the ductility of the plastic material itself is relatively small compared to the raw material of the wood floor, the middle wood floor and the main development fixed keel are fixed, it is best to use a hand drill to drill holes, and then use the development of stainless steel plate screws to fix between the two, The key is to play a strengthening role to prevent outdoor wpc decking from being damaged.

  The whole process of installing outdoor wpc decking: the first main outdoor wpc decking keel is fixed on the clean concrete floor with the horizontal main keel, ensuring this symmetry, each spaced at least more than 30 cm. The main keel in the middle should be drilled with a hand electric drill. The diameter of the drill hole is not less than the diameter of the screw. After the screw is screwed into the main keel and fixed, the concrete is fixed on the ground with stainless steel screws. The screws must be completely tightened, such as The main keel of outdoor wpc decking should not be exposed, causing unevenness of outdoor wpc decking.

  For the design of the upper and lower yang and yin grooves of all wooden floors, before the fixed installation, the two sides of the first wooden floor are sawed off, and then the surface is drilled with a hand electric drill. The application of stainless steel screws will be fixed on the main keel. Outdoor wpc decking can be.

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