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What pits should I avoid when buying outdoor wpc decking?


  Outdoor wpc decking is an alternative to solid wood decking and composite decking and is an environmentally friendly decorative material. Generally suitable for indoor and outdoor places such as living room, bathroom, conference room, stadium, park and so on. Let's see which pits to avoid when buying outdoor wpc decking?

  1. Add a small core board when laying

  Some consumers want to pursue a foot feel, and add a layer of small core board on top of the keel. The quality difference of the actual small core board is very small, and the inferior small core board will affect the pavement quality of wpc decking.

What pits should I avoid when buying outdoor wpc decking?

  2. Only re-purchase, never re-pave

  Outdoor wpc decking has an indirect pasting method, keel laying method, and suspension laying method. No matter which laying method, you must choose a good construction team and insist on "six no laying", that is, the wall is wet and leaking, the ground is never dry, and the floor is absolutely dry. Never lay it if it is unyielding and straightened; never lay it for mixed construction; never lay it with inferior accessories; never lay it if the construction period is too steep and the process cannot be carried out; never build a product with quality problems;

  3. Proper maintenance

  Some consumers think that decking does not require excessive maintenance, use a mop to directly mop the decking, and never pay attention to the dripping of heating. Over the years, the decking products have had problems such as discoloration, deformation, and gaps. If you want the wooden decking to have a long life, you need to maintain the floor regularly according to the manufacturer's requirements.

  4. Environmental performance

  Some consumers think that natural wood contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, which results in multi-layer gluing between veneers. The formaldehyde content in oak parquet is relatively low. If the amount of formaldehyde released from the floor is controlled within the scope of national standards, you can rest assured. use.

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