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Watch out for storage issues with outdoor deck flooring


  Outdoor deck flooring is a new type of energy-saving wood-plastic composite material. Wood phenol is often caused in the production process and the whole process of high-density fiberboard. Regenerated particles are added to make wood-plastic composite materials through plastic processing machinery and equipment, and then extrusion is carried out. The production group makes outdoor deck flooring, which has many advantages and is one of the best choices for everyone's interior decoration materials today. Only, the store or the customer must pay attention to the storage of outdoor deck flooring.

Watch out for storage issues with outdoor deck flooring

  1. Although outdoor deck flooring has the actual effect of being moisture-proof and waterproof, it is also necessary to ensure the dry and natural ventilation of the storage location. After the wooden floor is put into the warehouse, attention should be paid to natural ventilation to ensure that the room is clean and comfortable. This is for wooden floors. Its own storage time can be increased, which is of great help;

  2. Pay attention to the placement of outdoor deck flooring. It is important to ensure that the wooden floor avoids deformation. Only in this way can the outdoor deck flooring be stored for a longer time;

  3. It is important to use plastic film to carry out cysts on the outside, which is important to avoid dust accumulation. In order to ensure the air permeability, you can poke a lot of holes in the plastic film to ensure the smoothness of the gas and make it easier to store. During the storage period, avoid areas with water resources or switching power supplies to ensure safe storage without concerns.

  The storage of outdoor deck flooring must be paid attention to, otherwise, its advantages will not be fully utilized.

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