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What are the installation steps of wood decking?


  The quality of wood decking is of course very important, but its installation is a decisive factor that directly affects the use of decking, so the installation of wood decking is very important. Let's take a look at the installation steps of wood decking.

  First of all, before the installation of wood decking, ordering is very important. The selection and selection of materials are customized according to customer needs, but the number of purchases should be well controlled. Do not find that the number is not enough or that the number is too large during the laying process of wood decking. Phenomenon.

What are the installation steps of wood decking?

  Before installation, put our wood decking and auxiliary materials in a dry environment, and prepare the woodworking tools and auxiliary material packages required for safe wood decking. The following is the installation process of our wood decking. The wood decking work cannot be carried out in rainy weather or rainy and snowy weather. Therefore, we must look at the weather forecast in advance when laying wood decking, and try to concentrate the laying work on sunny days.

  Generally, the laying work of wood decking starts from installing the keel, leveling the ground, and fixing the keel. Of course, our wood decking is the same as solid wood flooring, and its laying method also has many patterns, which can be laid in 369 style, or in herringbone shape, or in other patterns, depending on the actual requirements of customers. Of course, the laying of different patterns of wood decking also affects the loss of our wood decking. The more complex the laying of wood decking, the higher the loss.

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