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How should macrotech's anti-fire decking cleaning and maintenance be done?


  Macrotech is a new type of environmentally friendly anti-fire decking made of plastic and wood fiber composite materials. It can be said that it has the performance of both and has a long service time. However, there will inevitably be some bumps or dust in daily use, so how to maintain the cleanliness of macrotech?

  1. There are obvious dirt and scratches on the anti-fire decking: for the obvious dirt and scratches on the macrotech, since the ordinary mop cannot remove the stains well, we can use soap and the hair is relatively hard here. Use the brush with hot water to clean up the dirt on the anti-fire decking. Then wipe with clean water.

How should macrotech's anti-fire decking cleaning and maintenance be done?

  2. Accumulation of oil stains: some oil stains, pen marks, etc. will inevitably appear when using anti-fire decking at home. At this time, you can use some degreasing detergents or detergents with decontamination effects to remove the stains, but remember to use water afterward. Wipe, anti-slip, or corrosion anti-fire decking. If the chalk marks are not handled well with soapy water or bleach, it means that there may be talcum powder on the macrotech.

  Macrotech is a new type of composite, environmentally friendly, and green material. It has good waterproof, fireproof, and insect-proof properties. It can also be used repeatedly, so its service life is relatively long. There is only a lot of maintenance or keeping the macrotech clean in daily life, and it is also pleasing to use for a long time. However, due to the better performance of macrotech, it does not require frequent maintenance.

  Macrotech only produces high-quality wood-plastic products, and truly realizes large-scale, high-quality, and stable continuous supply - so that the quality of Hongzhimu is consistent from the first board to the last board. The brand is time-tested and you can rest assured.

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