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Protective measures for wood decking


  In the four seasons, the most common is rain, and the most common problem of wood decking in the rainy season is thermal expansion and contraction. Under high temperatures, the moisture inside the wood may volatilize and absorb water after rain, which will cause the volume of the wood decking to shrink, so that the splices of the wood decking are warped. Let's take a look at how to do a good job in the prevention of heatstroke on the floor?

  1. Direct sunlight exposure should be avoided. If the sunlight can directly shine on the wood decking, it is recommended that the owner draw the curtains or lay some protective cloth insulation outdoors for proper maintenance.


  2. Try not to blow the air conditioner in the home against the wood decking. The air conditioner has the function of cooling down and removing humidity. If the air outlet always blows against one place, it will easily cause the shrinkage of the floor there. If it is exposed to direct sunlight, it may be arched and deformed, which will affect the use effect.

  3. When using the air conditioner in summer, it is best to let the air outlet swing up, and not blow it in one direction. In addition, the door is generally also a vent, which is very dry. Owners can also wipe down these floors with a damp cloth to avoid overdrying. And from the cleanliness of the indoor and outdoor living environment, not only to keep the floor dry and moisture-proof but also to regularly remove the domestic garbage and dust under the floor mat to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and bacteria under the floor mat.

  4. If wood decking is installed in the home, it is best to have someone to live in. If it is impossible to live immediately, it is necessary to keep the ventilation, ventilation, and heat dissipation in the living room often.

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