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What are the features and advantages of wpc decking?


  In home decoration, interior designers will carry out design plans according to different requirements, but no matter how the design plan is, wpc decking is indispensable in home decoration. So do you know the features and advantages of wpc decking?

  Wpc decking is a pavement material immediately produced and processed from solid wood.

  Buffering effect of natural environment: It can partially adjust the temperature and humidity in the room, which can reduce the symptoms of acute, panting, rheumatism, rheumatism and allergies.

What are the features and advantages of wpc decking?

  The effect of health care: it has the effect of receiving ultraviolet light, making people's eyes feel comfortable, and preventing the transformation of myopia.

  Environmental protection effect: It has excellent thermal insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, sound insulation, and insulation layer functions, which can remove the contamination of noise ecological crisis. The thermal insulation function of wood is excellent, and the thermal conductivity of steel is 200 times that of wood.

  The visual effect is strong: the wooden floor has beautiful and generous texture, fragrant taste, and contains unilateral essential oil, phytoncide, aromatic tincture and other ingredients. When you are in a room with a wooden floor, you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. Forest bathing, the texture structure is meticulous and varied, and the color is beautiful and selfless.

  Maintenance of physical and mental health effects: It has the characteristics of not condensing water and mildew, preventing the growth of bacteria, and reducing the transformation of asthma, allergic rhinitis and skin diseases.

  Heel cushioning effect: The wooden floor has appropriate ductility and moderate frictional resistance, which can slow down the weight load of the foot and relieve fatigue.

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