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Uncover the details of the characteristics of wpc decking materials


  As a new type of floor decoration material, wpc decking has definitely been questioned by many customers since it was launched on the market. Why should we give up the previous choice of wood flooring and use this wood-plastic material? What are the advantages of this material? Let's let the wpc decking manufacturer answer the relevant questions of users one by one for us.

  1. What are the advantages of WPC?

  As a type of profile, WPC may not understand its structure well enough. The wpc decking manufacturer pointed out that, in fact, the biggest feature of this profile is the hollow design, just like the aluminum alloy doors and windows we mentioned earlier. The key to this hollow profile is that it is cheap. If it is the same as before, with a solid price, the price will definitely be very high. After using the hollow, the price has been reduced a lot, and it has really saved the material. The weight of the hollow is relatively low, and the strength is relatively high. Some plastic wood can be hollow, but if it is the previous wood, there is definitely no choice of hollow, and only solid ones can be selected, which will inevitably increase the cost of decoration in the end.


  2. Does the WPC surface still need to be painted?

  Many people worry that after installing wpc decking, they need to paint again. Is it inconvenient? In fact, the wpc decking manufacturer pointed out that the wood is now treated with surface paint, and the water-based paint has been applied to the surface, so These issues need not be considered during construction and installation. Safety is more convenient and simple, and of course, it will not increase the extra cost of decoration.

  3. Is maintenance troublesome in the later stage of wpc decking?

  The general wood is actually in the later stage, at least one year after the maintenance of painting and painting. For wpc decking, its later maintenance is more convenient and simple.

  The above is the relevant introduction to wpc decking. If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to this

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