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Why is terrace Decking more practical than tile?


  There are often some hard choices in decorating a house. Terrace Decking or tile for interior flooring? I'm going to give you a reason why terrace Decking is better than tile, but that's not to deny tile. You can be united in wedlock actual choice, let the home decorate the appearance that gives oneself to like most.

  1, not easy to slip

  The terrace decking on the opposite surface of the tile has a small coefficient of friction, easy to slip, and has a hard texture. If there are old people or children in the home, the floor tile will be easier to slip and hurt the old people and children, reducing the risk factor, which is suitable for home paving.

Why is terrace Decking more practical than tile?

  2, easy to maintain

  In many people's eyes, tiles are easier to maintain than terrace Decking. In fact, although the floor tile is maintained very well, easy to appear black seam, and easy to scratch, a bad all need to change. Terrace Decking is moisture-proof and mildew-free, preventing the reproduction of mite bacteria and reducing asthma, nose, and skin allergies.

  3, beautiful and durable

  The Terrace Decking is beautiful and durable. The terrace Decking's natural lifestyle is also a good way to show one's taste. The softness and color of the terrace decking are very good, giving people a good affinity. Currently, the color of the floor is also changing, and the service life can be up to 20 years. And ceramic tile gives a person a kind of more curt feeling, can be limited on color and luster, style, want to spread special effect is not easy really.

  4, variety

  Terrace Decking has a wide variety of materials, up to 100 by some estimates, which brings more variety and choice to home life. The material of floor tile is close, and the composition is almost similar, showing onefold slightly.

  5, easier to install and replace

  The Terrace Decking is more effortless and saves energy and money. The construction craft of the floor is constant and has unified technical standards. You just need to choose a good variety of colors, if you want to decorate twice, it is easier to replace the wood floor, when you move away, unpacking is very convenient.

  To floor tile, should consider its design and color breed already, should consider its dimension again whether can be consistent with the ground basically and unapt appear ugly narrow brick. At the same time, they bought paving materials and hired workers to construct them.

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