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What is the difference between plastic wood flooring and other materials?


  With the advancement of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's quality requirements, the concept of quality is also constantly deepening, and the ground decoration materials are also constantly improving with the advancement of science and technology. Nowadays, the terrace is not simply covered with cement or Tile scribbled decoration. Some villa terraces and office building terraces will choose new floor materials for decoration during construction. Among them, the plastic wood floor is very popular among the owners, so what is the difference between it and other floor materials?


  Many terraces are laid on the sky floor, the construction difficulty is much higher than the ground construction, and the natural cost is also high. Five years ago, I believe that many projects were still using anti-corrosion wood flooring because anti-corrosion wood still represented a relatively advanced technology at that time. However, ordinary anti-corrosion wood floors will show signs of cracking, falling off, mildew, and rot within one year after installation. The price is astonishingly high, general projects are unacceptable, and regular maintenance is required in the later stage of installation, otherwise, it is very prone to mildew and rot. When many people are facing the trouble of preservative wood.

  This kind of plastic wood flooring has begun to emerge in the market. It is not easy to develop plastic wood flooring from the initial research and development of no one to occupy a large market share. Plastic wood is a profile made by mixing plastic and wood powder. The plasticized wood has quite good anti-corrosion and waterproof ability, which can completely replace the traditional anti-corrosion wood. Because it is a profile, it is extremely convenient to reprocess during construction and installation, whether it is glued, nailed, or sawed easily, saving time and effort for construction.

  In addition to anti-corrosion wood, plastic wood flooring still has quite strong advantages compared with other flooring materials. With the gradual popularization of the use of plastic wood flooring in landscape engineering, the use of plastic wood flooring on the terrace to replace preservative wood is just around the corner.

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