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How does wpc decking perform anti-corrosion?


  The method of wpc decking is to avoid corrosion, which is mainly caused by water and caused by moths. There are two main methods for wpc decking anti-corrosion, one is material processing, and the other is the architecture of wpc decking construction.

  Wood material processing and anti-corrosion are mainly carried out on the ground, that is, by adding preservatives to substances, in addition to anti-erosion anti-corrosion anti-corrosion agents, also to avoid termites. Part of the keel wood of wpc decking is in contact with the ground, so the keel should be often treated with anti-corrosion.

How does wpc decking perform anti-corrosion?

  In addition, one of the ways to minimize contact with water is why rubber pads are placed next to the keel. In addition to making the whole wooden structure have a certain buffering function, the rubber pads may still prevent wpc decking from directly touching the ground.

  The anti-corrosion structure of the wpc decking structure is an air circulation system.

  When there is a crunch in the floor, it can force air through the structure without allowing the build-up of moist air to cause the wood to rot. Wpc decking needs to combine the anti-corrosion of both sides, such as high-standard construction, not only the material selection needs anti-corrosion treatment, but also the course construction of anti-corrosion skills is very important.

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