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How to choose balcony wpc decking?


  Many people choose balcony wpc decking in the process of home decoration, so how to choose balcony wpc decking, the editor of macrotech below will explain it to you.

  1. Color

  No matter how high the wooden floor is, if it cannot be coordinated with the colors in the home, it will look very discordant. The light gray material has a well-proportioned color and a light working style, which can fully set off the warm atmosphere of the home.

How to choose balcony wpc decking?

  2. Material

  A good balcony wpc decking should be of exquisite quality, appropriate specifications, smooth corners and no undulations. Generally, there is no need to expect too much color cast, joints, lines, etc. It is the characteristic of wood. It is precisely the color cast and the changing texture that shows the essence of balcony wpc decking.

  3. Specifications and models

  In terms of the firmness of the wood board, the smaller the size of the floor, the better the resistance to deformation. Therefore, it is necessary to choose not long enough, narrower balcony wpc decking, and try to avoid the bending, twisting, scooping, shrinking, arching and other scenes of balcony wpc decking. Floor authority experts feel that short is better than long; narrow is better than wide.

  4. Moisture content

  The moisture content of balcony wpc decking is an important factor that affects the deformation of the floor. The moisture content of the purchased floor must be similar to the local equilibrium moisture content. When buying a floor, be sure to ask the salesperson to measure the moisture content of the floor. The method is very simple: first measure the moisture content of the purchased floor sample in the exhibition hall, and then unpack the purchased floor for acceptance. 1% to 2%, it belongs to the moisture content of suitable local pavement floor.

  5. Paint quality

  After the surface has undergone paint production and processing, it is called a paint board. When choosing and picking, pay attention to three things and three things; three things: the paint should be symmetrical, smooth and flat; three things: no leaking paint, no bubbles, no cracking .

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