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Wpc decking maintenance and maintenance instructions


  The use of a wpc decking board has a certain effect on building a special natural environment, and for wpc decking, its practicality is very high. Let's follow the macrotech editor to take a look at the maintenance and maintenance of wpc decking:

  1. Do not scratch or drag on the floor with sharp and rough hanging objects, and prevent shoes with steel spikes from walking on the floor.

  2. During the utilization process, it is strictly forbidden for the staff to jump from a height and fall to the floor immediately.

Wpc decking maintenance and maintenance instructions

  3. When moving the equipment on wpc decking, it is forbidden to rub and pull the equipment on the surface and scratch the floor. The best way is to lift the equipment for transportation. When the equipment under the floor is maintained, use the suction plate to suck up the floor for actual operation.  It is strictly forbidden to use needle stick injuries, or disassemble with brute force.

  4. When there is super-heavy equipment in the main engine room, the equipment should be dropped on the pavement base immediately, and it should not fall on the floor immediately and cause the long-term weight deformation of the floor.

  5. Use a vacuum cleaner or mop to clean the surface during maintenance to avoid spilling liquids on the floor.

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