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Does courtyard decking need maintenance?


  Courtyard decking has many advantages over traditional solid wood floors and is becoming more and more popular today. But no WPC deck is 100% completely maintenance-free. Courtyard decking still requires a small amount of regular maintenance in use to extend its life, but maintenance is simpler than traditional pressure-treated wood floors without the worry of regular sanding, staining, and painting.

  Because courtyard decking has been used in outdoor environments for a long time, stains remain on the deck, which is not conducive to deck maintenance. The most effective way to maintain a composite deck is to occasionally sweep the deck such as leaves, debris, pollen, etc., to avoid long-term accumulation. Stains on decks can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft brush.

Does courtyard decking need maintenance?

  Choose macrotech courtyard decking for a very low-maintenance solution. We develop and manufacture composite materials that effectively resist moisture build-up and inhibit mold growth. Use our concealed fixing system to ensure that water drains efficiently from floor gaps. On the other hand, our courtyard decking material is hard and not easily affected by climatic temperature changes, suitable for long-term use in outdoor environments.

  Macrotech really does: the raw materials of the product are green, zero-harm and pollution; the finished products are 100% recyclable; the whole chain production process conforms to the national environmental protection standards; the use process fully conforms to the sustainable development standards, realizing the transition from nature to The original intention of environmental protection. If you have purchasing needs, please feel free to call us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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