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Will wpc decking be easily deformed by moisture?


  Since wpc decking does not seem to have such a high density of the material, everyone is still suspicious of this kind of material that has been transformed into "soft". Will it be deformed by moisture, or will it hide any dirt?

  The production process of macrotech wpc decking is very rigorous. Before the cork roots are processed into wooden floors, they have undergone a series of "honing" processes: smashing, selecting, filtering, mixing, hot pressing, drying, veneer, etc., In the process of hot-pressing forming, the raw cork pellets produce a solid and balanced whole. As long as the cork is transformed into a stingy pocket, the cork that has been resolved has already turned into dirty cork particles, which will be artificially used in the future. The way of serving hot pressing is re-ordered together to produce a new structural management system. For the outside world, it is high-density and closed, and it is not easy to leak oil and seepage so that wpc decking with a certain water content will not be easily deformed by moisture. It is more difficult to hide dirt. In addition, the well-known wpc decking will also be used in wet indoor spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Will wpc decking be easily deformed by moisture?

  Cork has the characteristics of an opaque liquid, and wpc decking is a commodity that has been solved by hot pressing and other technological processes. The existence of about 40 million stingy pockets per broken square centimeter promotes cork to become a conductor and insulator, in which 50% of the gas is contained, which has an excellent thermal insulation effect.

  macrotech environmental protection flooring is specialized in the research and development, production, and sales of four series of products, including outdoor wpc decking, wood-plastic wallboard, wood-plastic plank road, and wood-plastic fence. It sells well at home and abroad, and has been widely recognized and praised by customers.

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