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Why are outdoor plastic wood floors more expensive than solid wood floors?


  For most homeowners, replacing outdoor floors requires consideration of replacement costs. Generally speaking, the average price per square meter of plastic wood flooring suitable for outdoor use will be 80% more expensive than that of ordinary outdoor wood flooring.

  Ordinary outdoor wood flooring is currently a relatively common and economical choice. But people want outdoor spaces to be more aesthetically pleasing and functional. As more and more builders and homeowners learn about this high-performance outdoor plastic wood floor, it has become a new choice for many.

  What is the difference between the cost of the outdoor plastic wood floor and wood floor?


  From the purchase cost of outdoor floors, wood floors are usually cheaper than plastic wood floors. It's important to note that outdoor flooring is a long-term investment. In the long run, wood floors need to be sanded, stained, and oiled every year, which costs maintenance. In terms of lifespan, the lifespan of wood is generally lower than that of laminate floors. If the floor needs to be replaced after a few years of use, it will also be a huge expense.

  Taken together, the price gap between the two will be smaller than expected when the annual maintenance cost and usage time are taken into account. Do people often wonder why plastic wood flooring is more expensive than wood flooring? Simply put, plastic wood flooring has different manufacturing processes and different functional characteristics. You can comprehensively consider the difference between these two different outdoor flooring materials.

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