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Good quality outdoor floor, not easy to fade


  As a new type of floor material, plastic wood outdoor floor will definitely be unfamiliar to many friends, so I hope that after introducing the advantages of outdoor floor, everyone can understand this kind of floor correctly.

  1. The plastic wood outdoor floor is not easy to fade

  The plastic wood floor is not easy to fade, because the selection of the original material is very strict, the materials used are all very good, and the pigments used are also of high quality, so in terms of color, no matter what kind of material is installed, it will happen fading, but it will gradually stabilize after a period of time and will not fade again.

Good quality outdoor floor, not easy to fade

  2. What are the factors that affect the quality of plastic wood outdoor flooring

  The raw materials, extrusion methods, and installation of plastic wood outdoor flooring all determine the quality of use. When installing, it is not easy to deform according to the requirements. If the plastic raw materials used are poor, it is easy to deform. Therefore, it is best to buy a large manufacturer when purchasing. The ground should be leveled before installation, and the tools used should be provided by the manufacturer, so that the decoration effect is good. To master the distance between the floors and the distance between the floor and the wall, etc., the wrong installation method can easily lead to deformation.

  3. What should I pay attention to after installing the plastic wood outdoor floor

  After the decoration is completed, clean the plastic wood floor immediately. You can use soapy water and a brush to remove the dirt. If there is a mark, you can use a soft cloth to dip some alcohol to remove it. Some pigment dirt that is difficult to remove It can also be removed by using a cleaner. If you want to make the plastic wood floor more smooth and beautiful in the later stage, you can paint it with a layer of varnish, so the later maintenance will be easier.

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