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Composite Decking is the future home improvement industry leader


  In recent years, the use of plant fiber and plastic polymer material special processing technology to form a new type of environmental protection and energy saving materials - plastic wood materials, with its not easy to rot, not easy to deformation, waterproof, insect, mildew and many other advantages.

  In the construction of home decoration, landscape, logistics packaging and other fields have been widely used to improve the shortage of forest resources in China. At present, the measures of returning farmland to forest have not solved the shortage of wood market, new environmental protection materials naturally become China's r & D and production projects.


  Plastic wood materials are widely used, especially in the construction of building materials. The product range has covered hundreds of categories such as composite decking and plastic wood railings. Among them, after several years of development of Composite Decking, composite Decking has gradually become the leader of the domestic building materials assembly industry, because composite Decking not only has the texture of natural wood, but also has a variety of advantages, and the invasion of worms has disappeared. Great cost savings for the client.

  Composite Decking does not cause secondary pollution to indoor air, does not contain toxic substances and chemical components, and is a product with excellent environmental performance in the domestic assembly industry. The birth of Composite Decking is partly a blessing for home improvement and a better choice for consumers.

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