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How about Macrotech WPC checking?


  There are also reasons why WPC decking has become popular quietly. Many people don't know whether WPC decking is good or not. They hesitate to choose. Let's learn about it.

  1. Physical properties, WPC decking has good strength, high hardness, anti-skid, wear resistance and no cracking of wood floor. Because it is not a whole wood, it will not be eaten by insects, with small water absorption, good sound-absorbing effect, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, antistatic and ultraviolet light. It also has the functions of insulation, heat insulation and flame retardant, and can resist high temperature of 75 ℃ and low temperature of - 40 ℃.


  2. Processing, with the secondary processing of wood, such as sawing, planing, bonding, fixing with nails or screws, various profile specifications and standards, and fast and convenient construction and installation. Through conventional operation, it can be processed into various facilities and products.

  3. Appearance, with the natural appearance and texture of wood, but without wood knots, there will be no cracks, warpage and deformation. It has strong plasticity and can realize personalized modeling. The product can be made into a variety of colors, and the surface can be kept new for a long time without secondary paint spraying.

  4. Environmental protection: the materials used in WPC decking belong to ecological wood and environmental protection wood, which can be recycled, and do not contain toxic substances, dangerous chemical components, preservatives, etc. there is no release of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, which will not cause air pollution and environmental pollution. They are 100% recycled and biodegradable.

  Macrotech adheres to the product concept of "focusing on quality and consistency", only makes high-quality plastic wood products, and truly realizes large-scale, high-quality and stable continuous supply - making Macrotech's quality consistent from the first board to the last board.

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