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What should be noted before and after wood Decking installation?


  Wood Decking is an environmentally friendly floor with excellent properties in moisture and water resistant layers. What should be paid attention to when installing wood Decking? Due to the unique characteristics of Wood Decking, great care should be taken during the installation process to prevent negative impact on the construction period. There are two key points for installing Wood Decking:

  1. Before installing Wood Decking:

  Wood Decking should be installed from a technical perspective. Before the installation, make sure that the wood Decking is sufficiently dry, clean and even. Good conditions can ensure the actual effect of the installation, and better reflect the smooth development of the installation work, so as not to harm the middle and later applications. The installation of small tools should be prepared in advance and timely. Hand electric drill and carpenter's small tools are commonly used, and rubber gloves for labor protection products should be prepared in advance, that is to say, more screws for stainless steel plates. Hand electric drill is an indispensable small tool for the installation of Wood Decking.

  Due to the high ductility of wood Decking's raw materials, it is best to use hand electric drill to drill holes in the middle of wood floor and main keel, and then use screws of stainless steel plate to fix them. The key of hole guiding is to prevent damage to wood Decking more strongly.

What should be noted before and after wood Decking installation?

  2. Installation process of Wood Decking

  First to wood decking for stationary, the main keel of the main keel neat paving in concrete on the ground, to ensure that sort to symmetry, each interval at least more than 30 cm in the middle of the main keel, hand electric drill for drilling holes, drilling holes on the size of the diameter of not less than the diameter of the screw, the screw twist in drilling holes into the main keel fixed later, Stainless steel plate screws are used to fix the concrete floor. The screws must be completely screwed into the main keel of Wood Decking, so as not to expose the wood Decking plate.

  All wood floors are designed in the upper and lower sides of the Yin trough, before installing and fixing the first wood floor, sawed off the Yang trough on both sides of the first wood floor, then use hand electric drill to conduct holes on the surface, and use stainless steel screws to fix the wood Decking on the main keel. The second type of floor installation immediately fixed the male groove card, fixed in the surface of the hole, and for the interval between the screws is controlled by the installation staff, not tight, but the firmness should be ensured. The later wood Decking installation means that the male groove is interlocked and then fixed with screws.

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