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How fire resistant is Composite Decking?


  Composite Decking is a popular new material in recent years. Due to its product advantages and unique design, it has been favored by many customers as soon as it appeared in the market. This is also because composite Decking is featured with zero pollution and ecological environment protection. It is in line with the core values of ecological and environmental protection, so our country is also promoting this kind of products.

  The floor of the related materials we use most of the region is the household is decorated in, decorating, in addition to having a unique style, in fact, fire safety level are all very important, so many in building decoration materials are supposed to have a good fire safety features, such ability can be very good guarantee the safety of lives and property of the owner, try to avoid because the harm caused by the fire.

How fire resistant is Composite Decking?

  We may know some advantages of Composite Decking, but we may not be very clear about its fire safety characteristics. In fact, Composite Decking is a product with high fire safety. Among all wood floor materials, The fire safety level of composite decking can be called very high. Therefore, the application of composite decking in home decoration is a very basic guarantee for the improvement of home fire safety level.

  Composite Decking itself is not easy to ignite, and has a good flame retardant effect. It can be automatically eliminated in the case of fire, so it can prevent the re-spread of fire in the case of safety accidents. Even if the high temperature melting point of composite Decking is reached, As composite Decking contains no hazardous materials, it can reduce the release of hazardous smoke and provide the owners with more safe interior space design.

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