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Waterproof Terrace Decking: How to Buy in bulk


  Waterproof terrace decking, has appeared more and more around you and me; Its waterproof, mildew-proof, anticorrosive and insect-proof function, as well as the characteristics of no deformation, cracking and fading, have replaced the traditional anticorrosive wood, and made up the outdoor space such as park scenic spot and villa courtyard. So what are the waterproof terraces to watch out for?

  1, we should pay attention to the selection of large core board

  Some consumer goes after sufficient ministry feeling, can increase board of a big core on keel. However, the quality of heavy core panels is uneven and poor quality can affect waterproof decking.

  2, batch purchase should pay attention to the choice of style, more attention to laying

  For waterproof terrace decking, there are "six", i.e., the walls are not wet, the ground is not dry, the whole is not soft; Confusion construction, non-proliferation; Use inferior accessories do not shop; For a project deadline is too tight to implement the process not shop; The invention product is not put on the shelf because of quality problems; The requirement is absolutely the same color.

  3Although wood Decking is a composite floor, it is also environmentally friendly

  There are worries about the formaldehyde content in her waterproof decking. In fact, waterproof decking can be used safely as long as the amount of formaldehyde is within the limits of the country.

  4Try waterproof terrace Decking

  Waterproof decking manufacturers usually have professional pavement team or professional pavement guide to ensure sales and production of pavement services. Try not to find the purchase of separate companies, to avoid mutual evasion of the situation.

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