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Macrotech teaches you how to quickly identify the advantages and disadvantages of WPC checking?


  The WPC decking market is mixed with good and bad people, the quality is uneven, and the corresponding price is also very different. How to identify quickly?

  1. Identify from the product appearance. Generally qualified WPC decking has fine and round appearance, dense and smooth section, and no particles and metal powder.

  2. Identify by smell. Qualified WPC decking smells wood fragrance, while unqualified wood plastic has unpleasant odor. The smell indicates that it is produced by using harmful waste raw materials.

  3. Through the strength and toughness of the product, the qualified WPC decking not only has good strength, but also has good toughness. Generally, the unqualified wood plastic will only have corresponding strength at most without certain toughness. After use, the product is easy to fracture and the surface weathering is very fast.

Macrotech teaches you how to quickly identify the advantages and disadvantages of WPC checking?

  4. Identify by the thickness of the product. The thickness of the qualified product is sufficient and there will be no negative tolerance. On the contrary, there will only be negative tolerance.

  5. The edges and corners of wood plastic sample blocks can be used to impact the ground. If they are only concave, it means that the material quality is qualified. On the contrary, if the edges and corners are directly broken, it means that the product quality is very poor.

  The service life of good wood plastic products is at least 10 years, while poor WPC decking usually has serious discoloration / serious surface weathering / serious product cracking and deformation only 1 year.

  Through the above analysis, I believe it can help you choose qualified wood plastic products, refuse fake and shoddy products, and don't bring regret to yourself.

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