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Stay away from the four myths and buy Park Wood Decking


  For Park Wood Decking, it is easy for us to make some mistakes in purchasing. In order to correct them, Macrotech summarizes the mistakes in purchasing. Please pay attention to them next time.

  Park Wood Decking is not green

  Buy decorate building materials everybody can want to ask above all, whether this thing is environmental protection. Many consumers think that Park Wood Decking made of new wood plastic composite material contains a large number of methanol toxic substances. In fact, the country has strict regulations on the amount of methanol released by Park Wood Decking, so it can be safely used as long as it is controlled within a reasonable range.


  Myth 2: Plain board is Park Wood Decking

  A plain board is a plain board, but don't think it's the real Park Wood Decking. Bought plain board, and then buy paint homemade, grinding, seems to save a lot of costs, but paint and other pollution problems are far from the money saved can be solved. The real Park Wood Decking is completed by the factory through a highly mechanized and proactive production line, which avoids pollution and makes the product more environmentally friendly to use.

  Myth 3: Park Wood Decking doesn't include paving

  Who do you install after you buy Park Wood Decking? As a matter of fact, park Wood Decking manufacturers with good quality and reputation usually have professional installers to help guide installation, as well as sales, paving and after-sales services. Encounter only sell regardless of the installation, or sales and installation is not the same, then must be careful, in case of quality and other problems are easy to cause the phenomenon of kicking the ball, then no door to complain.

  Mistake area four: when laying, add shop big core board

  Park Wood Decking is not enough. In order to make the feet feel better, many people will cover the keel with a large core board. What is overlooked is that the quality of the large core panels is generally poor, and the placement of inferior large core panels has a great impact on the paving effect of Park Wood Decking. Therefore, if you insist on spreading large core board, we must choose the quality of reliable.

  To sum up, the above mistakes will mainly occur in the purchase of Park Wood Decking. Do some friends have encountered them when choosing? In the home, Park Wood Decking is not as common as hardwood flooring, but it is also very popular, so you can't ignore it. Keep an eye on Macrotech to learn more about wood and plastics.

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